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Selective Storage

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Selective Pallet Racking System for Immediate Access to Every Stored Pallet

Selective Pallet Racking System for Immediate Access to Every Stored Pallet

HTI's custom-engineered selective pallet racking systems feature short loading and unloading times and allow forklift operators to have quick, direct access to every pallet load.

Unlike high-density rack systems, selective pallet racks are a first in, first out 
(FIFO) low-density storage system that offers the highest level of selectivity possible. And because every picking position is a single-pallet position, there's no need to move other pallets to reach the one you want.

Selective pallet rack systems are also relatively easy to install and can be reconfigured, expanded, or upgraded to accommodate different size and weight pallet loads as needed. Depending on the size and weight of pallet loads, forklift, and pallet jack dimensions and usable warehouse height, they can be installed against a wall or back-to-back in rows. Connection points come in a variety of shapes, which allows components to be quickly and securely interlocked.

Selective pallet rack systems are available in your choice of roll-formed or structural steel.

This straightforward, versatile design makes selective pallet rack systems the least expensive and most common system found in today's warehouse facilities.

Selective pallet rack systems are ideal when access is needed to a wide range of SKUs or need to store a large variety of highly differentiated, low-turnover products lines.

Discover the Benefits of HTI's Custom-Engineered Selective Pallet Rack Solutions:

  • System is designed for versatility and strength
  • Beam-to-frame construction creates one of the most rigid systems available
  • System offers immediate access to every stored pallet
  • Adjustable beam heights accommodate various load sizes
  • Available in roll form or structural steel construction

Industry Applications:

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