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Carton Flow and Case Flow Racking Systems for Picking Less-than-Full Pallet Loads

Carton Flow / Case Flow Racking for Picking Less-than-Full Pallet Loads

HTI custom-engineered carton flow and case flow racking is a gravity-fed, sloped pallet racking system that uses high-grade rollers and wheels to make loading and unloading easier.

There are two types of carton flow and case flow racking systems available:

Roller Lane Racking
This type of carton flow and case flow racking uses a roller lane system equipped with full-width steel or aluminum rollers between two channels. These rollers move independently of one another to distribute weight evenly. This type of racking also helps prevent the rollers from leaving impressions on the cartons being stored.

Wheel Beds
A wheel bed pallet racking system positions plastic, steel, or aluminum wheels between two channels on a single axis. The wheels are typically laid out in a staggered design to prevent carton impressions by improving weight distribution.

Carton flow and case flow racking are easy to install and provide high-density storage spaces with minimal square footage. This racking solution is also more ergonomically efficient with greater design flexibility and provides greater visibility and easier access to stored items.

Carton flow and case flow racking are ideal for supermarket storage, pick modules, split-case picking, items with expiration dates, and items that sell in large quantities and sell through quickly.

Discover the Benefits of HTI's Custom-Engineered Carton/Case Flow Rack Systems:

  • System is similar to a conveyor rack system
  • Pick from the front case, and keep reserve storage in the rear cases
  • Wide rollers and full bed skate wheels optimize productivity

Industry Applications:

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