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Cantilever Racking Systems for Long, Bulky, or Odd-Shaped Items

Cantilever Racking Systems for Long, Bulky, or Odd-Shaped Items

HTI's custom-engineered cantilever racking systems are ideal for handling long, bulky, or odd-shaped loads that are difficult to store in traditional pallet rack systems.

Cantilever racking systems don't have the same vertical and horizontal restrictions as traditional pallet rack systems. This open, flexible design has no horizontal beams that could damage or interfere with the loading and unloading of products, even bulky odd-shaped items. This easy accessibility helps increase productivity by reducing handling time.

These systems are also easy to install and adjust as needed. A single-sided column rack can easily be reconfigured into a double-sided column system. The height and angle of the arms are easy to change, and the components are available in a variety of lengths. This design flexibility enables storage of products and materials of different widths, weights, lengths, and proportions on the same level. For outdoor applications such as in lumberyards, cantilever racking systems can be constructed of galvanized steel to provide additional protection against the elements.

There are two types of cantilever racks available:

Roll-Formed Cantilever Rack

  • The arms, columns, and bases are constructed of heavy-gauge roll-formed steel for light and heavy-duty applications
  • The arms can be attached quickly using pins instead of bolts or boltless arm attachments


Structural Cantilever Rack

  • The arms, columns, and bases are constructed from structural I-beams and shapes for medium and heavy-duty applications
  • Sturdy four-bolt connectors attach the arms to the columns


Cantilever rack systems are ideal for lumber and woodworking warehouses and can be used to store lumber and building materials, tubing and pipes, wood and metal beams, metal and plastic sheeting, doors and trusses, appliances, furniture, and carpeting.

Discover the Benefits of HTI's Custom-Engineered Cantilever Rack Systems:

  • Contains no vertical obstructions
  • Ideal for storing long, bulky, or odd-shaped items
  • Typical loads are carpet rolls, lumber, furniture, pipes, tubing, tires, and textiles
  • System can be outfitted with safety accessories such as guide rails and entrance guards

Industry Applications:

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