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Pallet Flow

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Pallet Flow Racking System for High-Volume, Multiple SKU Applications

Pallet Flow Racking System for High-Volume, Multiple SKUs

HTI's custom-engineered pallet flow racking systems use gravity to move pallet loads into the picking position for quick access to every product with fast, efficient inventory turnover.

The pallets are loaded from the back end of the rack, then unloaded from the front by the forklift operator. As each load is removed from the front, the next pallet load behind it moves forward automatically, ready to be retrieved from the picking aisle.

This first in, first-out (FIFO) inventory retrieval system maximizes existing warehouse space by providing high-density storage with fewer aisles needed.

There are two types of pallet flow pallet racking systems available:

Full-Width Rollers
Ideal for use with full-size wood pallets and systems with short lanes.

Skate-Wheel Rollers
Ideal for use with standard storage of multiple pallet sizes.

Pallet flow racking systems are ideal for fast-moving products with FIFO stock rotation, rotating perishables or date-sensitive inventory, full-case picking, and products with a small number of SKUs and limited selectivity.

Discover the Benefits of HTI's Custom-Engineered Pallet Flow Racking Systems:

  • Double or single/double forklifts can increase productivity by up to 50 percent
  • Elimination of an additional upright for every pallet position increases density by up to 35 percent
  • Side-by-side pallet handling stabilizes the load and improves efficiency and safety
  • Loading and picking are done from opposite sides for first-in/first-out (FIFO) inventory retrieval
  • Gravity keeps pick faces full, so retrieval speed is increased and honeycombing is eliminated
  • Designed for a large array of pick faces with a high volume of multiple SKUs

Industry Applications:

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