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Automated Racking System (AS/RS)

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Automated Storage and Retrieval (AS/RS) Racking Systems

Automated Storage and Retrieval (AS/RS) Racking Systems

HTI'S custom-engineered automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are equipment- and computer-controlled systems that can quickly, precisely, and accurately store, retrieve, and transport materials and products from defined storage locations. They can transport both unit loads (palletized products) and smaller loads of cartons, totes, and cases.

AS/RS racking systems can be engineered according to the size and complexity of the tasks they perform. For example, small storage areas of your warehouse may only need manually controlled order-picking machines. However, we can also develop more extensive and advanced computer-controlled storage and retrieval systems that are fully integrated with manufacturing and distribution systems and processes.

AS/RS racking systems use computers to help manage, track, organize, and maintain an inventory of products and materials. Just enter the item needed in the computer—the AS/RS racking system automatically transports, stores, and retrieves the product or materials required, then updates the location and status of items that have been stored or retrieved in available inventory.

By automating the process storage and retrieval process with computerized accuracy, AS/RS racking systems enable you to increase storage space and reduce labor costs and errors while improving safety, warehouse organization, inventory control, and the overall storage and retrieval process.

AS/RS racking systems are ideal for increasing storage density, handling large volume loads in and out of storage; ensuring the accuracy of high-priority picking and shipping; ensuring the safety of products and team members; and managing warehouse operations that require storage, retrieval, and transport without processing.

Discover the Benefits of HTI's Custom-Engineered AS/RS Systems:

  • Increased density
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased efficiency by linking order processing with logistics management

Industry Applications:

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