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Fully Automated Cart-Based Racking System

Fully Automated Cart-Based Racking Systems by Handling Technologies

HTI's custom-engineered, fully automated cart-based racking systems provide picking capabilities and throughput requirements superior to other automated systems.  These high-density, deep-lane systems work best with multiple pallets of the same SKU. They are usually fully automated but can be partially automated so that they can be used as buffer or backup storage systems, according to the needs of the warehousing operation.

Compared to manual systems, fully automated cart-based storage systems offer significant advantages. They can substantially reduce the time required for logistical warehouse processes and produce clear financial benefits over carton and pallet live storage and pallet rack systems.

To optimize the volume of storage systems, save storage or floor space, or add the exacting precision of computer control to production processes, fully automated cart-based systems are ideal. These systems shorten throughput times and reduce picking and storage error rates in less floor space and storage volume. In addition, with the assistance of these computer-controlled systems, inventory is available permanently, order picking is continuous, and live storage of pallets is entirely automated.

Because fully automated cart-based storage systems are closed systems, they also help prevent unauthorized access that could put warehouse operation's productivity and security at risk.

Discover the Benefits of HTI's Custom-Engineered Automated Cart-Based Systems:

  • Increased density
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased efficiency by linking order processing with logistics management

Industry Applications:

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