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Lean Production Floor Planning

Lean Production Floor Planning | Handling Technologies, Inc.
To meet the constant demands of the global supply chain, many warehouse operations are adopting lean manufacturing principles to help them perform at peak efficiency and productivity.

Lean production floor planning simplifies and eliminates unnecessary warehousing processes and activities that consume resources without adding value. At HTI, our warehouse racking, material handling, and storage solutions are custom-designed to help warehouse operations reduce waste, increase efficiency, and optimize performance. By following lean production floor planning principles, your team will never put more time or more resources into completing a task than necessary.

Using HTI's custom-engineered warehouse racking, material-handling, and storage solutions can help you adopt the following 5S system of lean manufacturing in your warehouse operations:

1) Sort
Identify the processes, resources, and activities that your warehouse needs to operate efficiently, and eliminate those it doesn't.

2) Straighten
Eliminate all activities in your warehouse that keep your staff from completing their essential tasks efficiently or cost-effectively.

3) Shine
Create and maintain a schedule to keep your warehouse as clean and safe as possible.

4) Standardize
Developing standardized procedures, protocols, and contingencies for all work areas in the warehouse, and ensure your team understands and follows them at all times.

5) Sustain
Ensure your staff follows all processes and procedures in your warehouse to the letter and constantly seek new ways to make continuous improvements in performance, productivity, and efficiency.

HTI lean production floor planning benefits:

  • Standardize workflow for faster order processing
  • Optimize the use of resources through more accurate inventory stocking
  • Reduce labor and transportation costs by eliminating material-handling inefficiencies
  • Stock inventory by demand to reduce storage space and costs
  • Reduce wasted time to help achieve a higher rate of perfect orders and same-day/next-day deliveries
  • Standardize processes to make managing and assessing multiple SKUs easy
  • Improve human resource management to reduce staff turnover
  • Encourage innovation to sustain continuous improvement

Industry Applications:

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