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Drive In/Drive Thru

HTI custom-engineered drive-in and drive-thru pallet racking systems provide efficient, effective high-density storage solutions for similar types of products. Drive-in pallet rack systems feature a single entry/exit where forklift operators drive into the racking system to load and unload pallets from one side. This type of pallet rack is a last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory system […]

Push Back

HTI custom-engineered push-back pallet racking systems are high-density storage systems that optimize warehouse space by taking up fewer aisles. Like pallet flow racks, push-back pallet racking systems are gravity-flow pallet-picking systems. Pallets are loaded from the front of the rack onto a series of nesting carts fed forward by gravity, pushing the pallet behind it […]

Case/Carton Flow

HTI custom-engineered carton flow and case flow racking is a gravity-fed, sloped pallet racking system that uses high-grade rollers and wheels to make loading and unloading easier. There are two types of carton flow and case flow racking systems available: Roller Lane Racking This type of carton flow and case flow racking uses a roller […]

Pallet Flow

HTI’s custom-engineered pallet flow racking systems use gravity to move pallet loads into the picking position for quick access to every product with fast, efficient inventory turnover. The pallets are loaded from the back end of the rack, then unloaded from the front by the forklift operator. As each load is removed from the front, […]

Selective Storage

HTI’s custom-engineered selective pallet racking systems feature short loading and unloading times and allow forklift operators to have quick, direct access to every pallet load. Unlike high-density rack systems, selective pallet racks are a first in, first out 
(FIFO) low-density storage system that offers the highest level of selectivity possible. And because every picking position […]


HTI’s custom-engineered cantilever racking systems are ideal for handling long, bulky, or odd-shaped loads that are difficult to store in traditional pallet rack systems. Cantilever racking systems don’t have the same vertical and horizontal restrictions as traditional pallet rack systems. This open, flexible design has no horizontal beams that could damage or interfere with the […]

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